showgirls at club kino, stockholms finest stripclub

Showgirls at Club Kino

Here at Stockholms finest strip club, you will find a great variety of showgirls. They come in all forms and shapes and from all over the world and they have one thing in common, to entertain. Every night between 21:00-07:00 our stage is alive and sparkling with our sexy girls dancing around the pole, in your lap, and on the floor. You can find showgirls in other clubs in Stockholm but they don’t have showgirls better than ours 🙂 Find for your self by visiting us at Döbelnsgatan 4 in Stockholm or you can have a little glance in our picture gallery named, Dancers at Club KINO

Who can become a showgirl?

Well, the most important thing is that you got to have a personality and some self-confidence. The rest you can get from practicing, some nice outfits and a little makeup. A showgirl is in some part similar to an actor, the girl gets into a role as they enter our stage at club kino. Their sole purpose is to make you feel good and for you to have the time of your life.

Showgirls, the movie!

1995 I believe was the first time we in Sweden got to know the term showgirls when the movie Showgirls, starring Elizabeth Berkely hit the screens. It was a great success and men were dreaming about Nomi Malone and her entertaining friends. They did make a sequel and that didn’t become the same success as the original was. Elizabeth Berkely has since then appeared in a lot of different TV shows and I believe that C.S.I.Miami is the most popular one.

showgirls at club kino in stockholm