events at club kino

Events at Club Kino

Stag party

Stag party, the last night with the guys! There are few evenings that are as legendary as a stag party. We have all heard different stories of how the prospective groom has been humiliated in various forms and in different ways. We think that your stag party should be an evening to remember with joy instead of with humiliation.

We offer Stockholm’s most luxurious strip club for your stag party. We also have the most glamorous striptease dancers available. We are very flexible with this arrangement. Together we find a setup that makes just your stag party an evening that the groom will remember with joy.

This offer is valid for parties of at least four people and costs 300kr per person. You can order this by calling us at +46(0)8 24 43 44 after 21:00 or using the contact form you will find HERE!

Hen night

Come down to us before the club opens and have a lesson with one of our professional dancers. We meet up with a hostess and welcome you down to our beautiful premises where the prospective bride will learn the art of seducing her husband with erotic dance and striptease. Everyone can attend and a professional dancer will teach you step by step.

Our hostess also shows you various erotic toys, oils, lubricants and lingerie in our shop. Everyone can feel and squeeze and ask about the Products. You can leave a discrete order that our staff will put in a discrete bag. You also get a 10% discount on your purchase. We offer snacks and alcohol free champagne. If you wish to drink alcohol, you have to bring it yourself. An unforgettable evening with an erotic character, which is highly appreciated and guarantees a fun start to the evening.

The cost of this is 2,500 SEK for up to 8 people. Would you like to know more, please fill out the contact form HERE and we will contact you!

Party Night

Our premises at Döbelnsgatan 4 can also be used outside regular opening hours if you want your own private party. This is the same for women as for men or mixed groups. Perhaps you want to start the evening with us and then continue the party elsewhere. Bring your colleagues, associates or friends together and come to us for an unforgettable evening.

Perhaps you want to celebrate someone’s birthday in a more exciting way? Do you want to learn striptease? Do you want to watch striptease? Perhaps you want your friends learn how to Poledance? We are open for your suggestions and together with you, we will create a setup for your night. Contact us HERE!

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